The Squirrel Story

squirrelstoryWho would have thought that New York City was the birthplace for Husband and Wife duo, Bernard & Elleni's, Squirrel Design Studio. Having a lifelong passion for cards and stationary, it wasn't until Bernard & Elleni took a moment of reflection in Washington Park Square where the idea for Squirrel Design Squirrel formed after being startled by two squirrels scattering through the park. Inspired by their quirk, charm and resourcefulness, The Squirrels scampered their way into Bernard & Elleni's hearts and they decided to start their business right then and there on that park bench in New York. Perhaps it is the city of dreams after all! With the help of good friend Pedro and young up and coming artists Jasper, the
squirrel clan was now complete!  After two years of planning, designing, drawing, design veto’s, more designing and  redrawing we are now proud to present the work of Squirrel Design Studio.

Oh... and if you see two squirrels running around Washington Park Square please let us know! We've been trying to contact them for royalties. Despite the idea for Squirrel Design Studio forming in New York, we are one of the few card and stationary companies that are 100% Australian in our creation, production and distribution.

All of Squirrel Design Studio Cards start off being hand drawn by our in-house artists before transforming into the unique, innovative handcrafted cards for you to share with your loved ones.

A Brisbane based company, we are constantly inspired by the amazing country we live in, and the wit and humour that is persistent in our culture.

We hope to embody this in our designs and make you smile or laugh or help you share a story or moment with others.

- Bernard, Elleni, Pedro and Jasper

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